AI As New Team Member

Combine the strengths of humans and AIs in hybrid teams, 

to be more efficient and free up time for the really important issues.

We analyse skills, tasks and roles within your company and redistribute responsibilities. Discover how integrating AI into your teams can improve working methods and results with our workshop series.

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4️⃣ Workshop-Modules

Workshop I: KI Discovery

Aim of the workshop:
To build a basic understanding of how artificial intelligence can be used in a targeted manner to increase efficiency.



Workshop: Development of AI prototype 

Workshop II: Use Case Identification

Aim of the workshop:
Development of a longlist of relevant use cases in which AI can be usefully deployed.


Joint development of a target image for team development and answering important questions:

Creation of a longlist of possible processes and tasks in which AI could provide support

Workshop III: Use Cases Modelling

Aim of the workshop:
Modelling of specific use cases as a basis for product development

Joint selection of the most important use cases for detailed modelling.

Per Use Case:


Workshop IV: MVP Development

Aim of the workshop:
The AI product for adopting the use cases is ready and has been tested using a specific example.





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My We Present: marAIke

A friendly AI that does exactly what it's told, nothing more, and perhaps that's for the best. Ideal for tasks that are time-consuming and distract from more critical issues, marAIke can handle jobs that aren't rocket science but do require a significant investment of time.

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Clarity and transparency of roles and workloads make a team more resilient, happy and successful.

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Management consultant for work organisation, sustainability and brand strategy, founder of teamdecoder


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